Friday, 22 March 2013

finding home

In my mother's overgrown creativity space, underneath bags and bags of fabric, spools of thread, needles, and patterns, I found eight photographs with quotes printed on fabric.  And this is what I did with them.

While I made this quilt to cherish all that I love about my mother--someone who is in love with nature and wise words and the way fabric looks together--it surprisingly captures a part of me. 

It is good to find home again.  


  1. Just beautiful! I'm so glad you are creating with the help of your Mom's inner soul.

  2. Thanks, Barbara, that's what it feels continuous cycle of creativity from one generation to the next. Just hope my children feel the magic of creativity. I sure do work hard to protect and encourage their creative space.

  3. Very special Nicki. Mom will love it.